#ThoughtsAndPrayers For All Those Still Negatively Affected by The Last Jedi

As I type this, it’s nearly the end of April, approximately 5 months since the release of Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi and I can’t go a day without hearing somebody whine and complain about how it’s the worst movie ever or some other such nonsense. I love Star Wars and I’m heavily biased for it, I’ll admit it. Anyone who knows me already knows this. I loved the film, in fact right now it may be my favorite of the saga. But ask people on the internet and you’ll hear all the standards about how it’s the worst thing ever, just today I saw a return of the old classic about ruining childhoods. This is so stupid.

If you seriously think that this is the worst film you have ever seen, then I have some advice for you. Since you are reading this online, open up a new browser window, go to your streaming video site of choice (Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, etc) and start watching more movies because clearly, you haven’t seen very many. Expose yourself to more and you might find something that you like.

I’m a huge fan of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. It’s one of my favorites and I’ve read the books several times. Last year they finally made a movie adaptation. I was excited to see it, I even tried to justify the negative things I started hearing about it. I wasn’t going to let someone else ruin this for me. The movie came out and it’s pretty bad. Not the worst thing I’ve ever seen, but by no stretch could I call it a good movie. Know what I did? Wrote my review of it, laughed about how I have a great wife even when I drag her to shitty movies and then moved on with my life. I didn’t troll the filmmakers or try to bring down the Rotten Tomatoes score (it did that just fine by itself). I enjoyed what parts of the film I could and then moved on.

There is so much content out now I can’t imagine spending 6 months continuing to focus on one bad movie that you saw. Didn’t like it? That stinks, well at least you still have the original films you can go back and watch over and over again. Or maybe try out something new, maybe Star Wars just isn’t your thing anymore. Have you watched the Expanse? It’s a great sci-fi show. Hit Netflix and see what’s on there.  Maybe, just maybe you could try and create your own thing. Think you could write a better script? Well then go do it! Regardless there is a ton of stuff out there for you, don’t spend your time making twitter accounts like Jar Jar Abrams and Ruin Johnson because that just makes you seem like a sad loser.

Art is subjective and it’s impossible to make anything of substance that pleases everyone. And that’s okay. No one is forcing you to watch or buy anything. Didn’t like The Last Jedi? Oh well, maybe Solo will be more to your liking. Maybe in a few months you can rent it from Redbox and revisit it, it’s possible with time and distance away you might find something to enjoy. Either way, move on with your life, find something else that gives you joy and relish in that. Just because you didn’t like a movie doesn’t give you free reign to be an asshole. It’s just a movie. It’s not real.