Post Election Thoughts

First, let me apologize for all the political posts recently.  I try to post more interesting things, but this has been on my mind a lot.  I am working on my own writing more and trying to find better ways to share it.

I spent most of yesterday offline, avoiding Facebook and Twitter for the most part.  It helped to get my head in order and to get my emotions under control.  I highly recommend this if you are feeling overwhelmed by it all.

In thinking about the election and the results I’ve had some thoughts.

Third party candidates.  If you want to be seen as a viable contender and not a joke or a throwaway vote, you need to make some changes.  First, you have to play a long game.  You can’t just jump to the front of the line and win the presidency.  Focus on the state level elections first.  Build a true party.  Win seats in state legislatures, then win some seats in Congress.  Stop with the bullshit joking and act like a real candidate.  We all saw the ridiculousness that Gary Johnson did and some of the stupid things that Jill Stein said.  If you want to be taken seriously, you have to act like it.  Focus on the real issues.  Then you can have a real chance at winning the presidency.

Stop with this “Not My President” and secession bullshit.  For 8 years, Republicans and Tea Partiers pulled this bullshit and Democrats always called them out on it.  Now when the shoe is on the other foot, we liberals are doing the same things.  It’s still just as childish and stupid.  It just makes you sound petty.  I didn’t vote for the asshole, and I am seriously concerned about what he can do in power, but this talk doesn’t help.

Same goes for the “I’m running to Canada.”  Every 4 years somebody says this, and then nobody acts on it.  It just makes you sound stupid and it gives the other side a point to mock you on.  If you’re gonna talk the talk, then you need to walk the walk.  Otherwise, shut the fuck up and work within the system to make a difference.  If everyone with a dissenting opinion leaves, then there is no one left to challenge and power will go unchecked.  That’s not good for anyone.

That is my last point.  Not happy?  Work within the system to make changes.  Call your congressman.  Run for office.  Work to make changes.  Shut the fuck up with your bitching on Facebook and get out there and make a real difference.


What. The. Fuck. America.

It’s currently 5:00 am, I went to bed before the election results were final, but I just found out.  America has decided to embrace intolerance, racism, and fear to an extent we’ve never done so before.  I’m sick, disgusted, angry, depressed, and ashamed.  So much for the beacon on the hill.  I thought we were better than this.

Make America Hate Again

I didn’t want to believe that this could happen.  This isn’t about Democrats and Republicans.  This is about electing a dangerously unstable person who has been proven time and time again to be a liar, a cheat, and whose entire campaign was based around preying on our worst fears and the lowest common denominator.

Make America Racist Again

The KKK.  Seriously, we just elected a man in 2016, who was openly endorsed by the KKK, and did not refuse their endorsement.  The fucking Ku Klux Klan.

Make America Fear Again

This is our own fault.  We did this to ourselves.  For all our talk about being the best and most enlightened country.  We are nothing more than racist hillbillies.  We have elected our drunk, lecherous, uncle who no one wants to be around at Thanksgiving to the highest office in the land.

Make America Afraid Again

For weeks this post has been brewing in my head.  I had this sitting in there, just in case this were to happen.  I had planned on laying the blame at the feet of the uninformed voters, the non-voters, the Bernie supporters who refused to back Hillary, but now I’m just sick and disgusted.  It may be that I’m tired and only running on a few hours sleep, and the shock hasn’t worn off yet.  I’m still very angry at those people, but for right now I’m just sad.

Make America Pay Again

I’m white and straight, so I know that whatever happens I have a fair amount of privilege to protect me.  But, I worry for my non-white friends, my LGBT friends.  All those people who dream of coming to America to make a better life.  Those who see us as a utopia on the hill.  All those people just saw us elect a monster.  They all know what he is.  Now, our only hope is that he isn’t as bad as we think he will be.

Make America Reich Again

I’m sure there will be rage and anger in the future, but for now, it’s just depression.  Sadness.  Shame.  We shit this bed, and now it’s time for us to lie in it.

Decline of Western Civilization

We are just days away from the election.  I, once again, am stressing the importance of voting.  Some areas have early voting, you should have plans in place for voting next Tuesday or otherwise.

This post is not about any particular candidate, but rather the political climate that surrounds us.  It’s no secret that we have two drastically different candidates, and they both have their share of problems.  Again, I’m not here to tell you who to vote for.  This late in the cycle, I think most people already know who they are voting for.

Our world has become increasingly divisive.  Everything has become politicized.  Words like “libtard” are used on a regular basis for those who disagree with others.  Both sides are guilty of pushing towards this climate of extreme polarization.  Sadly, no matter what is the outcome of this election, this climate is only showing signs of getting worse.

Compromise used to be the foundation of our government, majority may rule but with respect to the minority.  Now, compromise is the dirty word that no one uses.  Compromise and understanding now exist in that middle ground which has become a No-Man’s Land where none shall enter unless they face political death.  Even before the election has been finished, members of Congress are already saying they will continue to not do their jobs and simply obstruct everything that is put forth should a Democrat win the Presidency.  Supreme Court will continue to be vacant.

It boggles my mind that this is the world we live in now, and that this has become acceptable.  Apparently, this is the world we want to live in now, because we are all guilty of creating it.  No matter who wins next week, it seems that things will only continue to get worse until our country grinds to a halt, stagnates, and dies.

Sorry to be such a downer, but this election cycle has been utterly depressing from a variety of angles, and the light at the end of the tunnel is a train bearing down on us.