Republican Hypocrisy in the Support of Trump

Yup, it’s another political post.  That’s what happens when you are trapped in the darkest timeline and forced to deal with the possible prospect of a Trump Presidency.  If a political post is not your thing, you won’t hurt my feelings if you skipped this post.

Republicans, I have a lot of problems with what your party’s agenda, but Trump doesn’t even pretend to support it.

Republican Party: We need to support the Troops!
Trump openly mocks veterans and a POW.

Republican Party: We need to enact laws to control who can use which bathroom because of sexual deviants and predators.
Trump speaks openly of trying to sexual assault a married woman.

Republican Party: Those who don’t pay taxes, don’t pay their share are moochers and takers.
Trump talks about how smart he is for not paying taxes, and due to current tax laws may not have paid taxes in nearly two decades.

Republican Party: Family values!
Trump has been married 3 times.

Republican Party: American jobs!
Trump runs a company that has outsourced work outside of the US.

Republican Party: Illegal immigrants are taking American jobs.
Trump has hired migrant workers in his hotels, paying them well below standards.

Republican Party: Christianity!
Trump doesn’t even seem to be able to cite a simple biblical verse.

This isn’t even going into the seemingly limitless problems with Trump, his poor business practices, lack of knowledge for the job, numerous lawsuits, bankruptcies, and more.  Republicans if you support Trump there is a word for you, Hypocrite.


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