#BernieOrBust and the Democratic Process

This is gonna be a political post, so I’m just gonna apologize ahead of time for that.  If that’s not your thing then feel free to just skip on past this one.  (Reminder you can always see fun geeky stuff over at www.FanboysTalking.com)

It’s all but official that Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democratic Presidential nominee, it’s been a tight race but it looks like Bernie Sanders just doesn’t have the numbers to beat her out.  Full disclosure, I am a Democrat, a Bernie Sanders supporter, and I am not happy to see that Hillary is taking the nomination.  I am also not a hugely political person, I view politics much like art, I know what I like.  So this is just my views and my uninformed opinions on the subject.  I may be wrong, but it’s how I see the world.

There has been a push among some of Bernie’s supporters that basically says if Bernie doesn’t get the nomination then they will either vote Trump (yikes!), not vote at all, or try to write in Bernie’s name.  This is problematic for many reasons.

The first option is truly the most frightening.  Why would someone who supported Bernie Sanders want to vote for Trump?  That’s worse than chopping off your nose to spite your face, that is chopping off your head.  This just boggles my mind.  Why in the world would someone basically ignore everything that their chosen candidate stand for and vote against them and all their ideals simply because they are unhappy about how the primaries turned out?  This is not an adult way of looking at things, this is how a spoiled child looks at things.  This is breaking a toy because someone said you can’t play with it.  It makes me wonder if they really were following Bernie because of what he said or because he was the hot thing at the moment.

Almost as bad is those who say they will stay at home.  I’m sorry but that is not how the democratic process works.  If you care so much to have your voice heard then staying at home is you putting the duct tape over your own mouth.  Why would you choose to silence yourself just because of the results?  Again, this is not how an adult deals with a situation.  You may not be breaking the toy, but you are taking it home and not letting anyone else play either.

When this election started there was something like 18 candidates (albeit most of them were part of the Republican clown car clusterfuck), so it’s pretty clear that a lot of people had to watch their chosen candidate bow out of the race.  That doesn’t mean that you get to bow out either.  It’s a choice between two now, and I’ll freely admit I don’t really like either of them, but I understand that I can still have my voice be heard by looking at the two of them at seeing which one best represents me.  I’m not saying that you have to vote strictly along party lines, but democracy only works if we are all involved.

Staying at home poses another problem.  We aren’t just voting for a president in November.  There are congressional seats, senate seats, local elections, and various measures and propositions in all the various states.  If you choose to not vote at all, then you are removing your voice from a lot of areas beyond just the Presidency.

The final choice is to write in Bernie’s name.  Not every state accepts write-in votes.  If it makes you feel better to do that then that’s your right and privilege to do so.

Unhappy with Clinton or Trump?  Then you should take a look at the 3rd party candidates.  With the amount of disillusionment among the Republicans and Democrats, it’s entirely possible that we may have a realistic third party candidate.  Something that has not been seen for quite a while.

It’s important to vote.  People have fought, killed and died for you to have the right to vote.  This election cycle has been 17 different kinds of awful, but it’s important to stay involved.  This isn’t like the World Series where you can choose to not watch the Yankees lose in October again.  This is a process and you need to stay involved.  Will the things you want always win out? No.  But that’s life as an adult.  Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.  If you choose to not be involved then you are just letting others speak for you and that is not a democracy.


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