Cutting the cord

Being poor sucks.  It’s a fact of life today and we all have to find our way to deal with rising costs.  Last month we realized that things were getting out of hand and we had to make a change and the one place we could make a cut was with our cable bill.

As of Nov. 1st we cut the cord.  We now watch all our TV online via Netflix, Hulu and other sites.

It is a bit of a transition and you do have to adjust your way of thinking.  Of course ever since the introduction of the DVR, people’s mindsets regarding TV schedules have been changing.  This is just that, taken to the next extreme.  There is a lot less random TV watching, so I guess fewer unwanted reruns is a good thing.

I have discovered a few issues though.  The biggest problem is that there is no one set of rules regarding shows online.  Even among the same network or “family” of shows there isn’t one rule about when and where shows will be available.  It’s a bit maddening and it’s one of the biggest things that we’ve had to adjust to.  Also, with certain shows only being available through certain outlets (Clone Wars is exclusive to iTunes) it does make things a bit more complicated.

Cost is also an issue.  Of course, this is one area where things tend to be a bit more standardized.  The majority of shows are $2.99 in HD and $1.99 in SD.  At first I didn’t like the idea of buying shows, I felt like with shows I really like (Doctor Who, Clone Wars, etc.) that I would be buying it twice.  But then I realized I’ve always been paying for the shows I wanted to watch.  Just that before I was paying my cable company and now I’d be paying Amazon, Zune or iTunes for my shows, and now I can pay for just what I want, not having to pay for a ton of crap I never watch to get the few things I do want.

All in all, I have been enjoying it so far.  We have adjusted to watching our favorite shows on a slightly different schedule and we have even discovered a few new shows to enjoy.  Is this a change that everyone could enjoy?  Probably not, it does vary from person to person and depends on which shows you watch and how much you watch things live versus on demand.

I do know that I’m going to be much happier when my next cable bill arrives and that I really am only paying for what I want and it’s on my schedule.


3 thoughts on “Cutting the cord

  1. Do you find you end up paying more per month when you add up all the ala carte items? That’s my fear because I have people in my family who will blow through a season in no time and with cable you get on average only 4 episodes a month.

  2. I cut the Pay TV and my landline phone cord 3 months ago and I do not miss it. I still have cable internet that I use for my Apple Tv. I also have an Antenna for my local HD channels. I can purchase all of my favorite TV shows via Apple TV for a fraction of what my cable TV bill was costing me. I get to watch what I want when I want without paying the inflated DVR monthly fee. Cut the cable and laugh all the way to the bank.

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