My Flick-fessions

I’ve always wanted to be a film critic.  I love to discuss and talk about movies.  Raving about good movies, ripping the bad movies apart, or thinking of ways to make bad movies better.

I’ve tried on here to do movie reviews before, with mixed results.  So, when I’m stuck for ideas, what do I do?  I do what most people do when stuck, borrow an idea from someone else.  🙂

One of my favorite podcasts is a show called “The Film Vault”.  One segment on that show is called “Flick-fessions” where the hosts confess what movies they have watched recently.  It’s a great bit, and I’m gonna use it here.  Maybe I’ll call it something else, I don’t know.

On Saturday, I finally sat down and watched Paranormal Activity.  This was a good suspenseful horror movie, especially for the YouTube/Twitter Generation who are used to there personal lives being recorded and broadcast.  This movie is one that should be watched at home, in the dark.  Turn off all the lights and curl up with your significant other… and then jump at every squeak in your house.

Two movies I watched are somewhat related.  They are both homages to an older genre and style of filmmaking.  Black Dynamite and The Lost Skeleton of Cadavara.  Black Dynamite I think executed a little better.  It acknowledged where it came from, relished in the silliness and the cheese of 70’s blacksplotation films, but also had a wink, a smile and tongue firmly planted in it’s cheek.  Conversely, Lost Skeleton, felt more like it was directly from that era.  It was like Ed Wood was frozen in carbonite, woke up in 2001 and resumed his old style with no regard to the current state of filmmaking.  It was one giant inside joke, one that I feel like I didn’t really get.  There is reason why these kinds of movies are only watchable on MST3K.

Last up we have Dinner for Schmucks.  This movie could almost be the bastard love child of What About Bob? and Meet the Parents.  I’ve never been a huge fan of these kinds of movies.  It really just seems that if everyone took 5 seconds to slow down and talk, all could be resolved.  The movie was funny, a bit too extreme at some points, but it ended with some heart which did help to redeem the more extreme lunacy.

Since I did steal the name for this post, I am open to new names for this type of posting.  Just let me know in the comments.