Inspiration, Perspiration or Procrastination?

On a good day I like to think that I have the ability to one day become a writer.  My biggest hurdle though is my inspiration and my complete procrastination.  It starts with those whole low self-esteem issues like “I could never be good at that” or “That’s not for me, that’s for those talented creative types”.. yup, fun thoughts there.

I know we all have these kind of thoughts and it’s just a matter of figuring out how to overcome them and push through to become one of those “talented creative types.”

So how do we push through?  Inspiration and perspiration.

I have a hard time really forcing myself to sit down and treat the writing like a job.  Take this blog for example, I’m sitting here trying to put this idea out that has been floating in my head for a few days now.  However, I’m sitting here distracted by the TV and getting each word out is like pulling teeth.

I know that if ever really want to make anything like this a professional gig, I need to eventually treat it like a job, but that just seems to take all the fun out of it.  It’s part of the reason I don’t really like those “I must write X number of words per day” style of writing.  I see positives and negatives in it, but it really makes me feel more like I’m in school and being forced to write as opposed to actually taking enjoyment out of it.  It’s like scheduling a play date with your characters vs. being pulled into there adventure and along for the ride not knowing where you will end up.

Where does that leave us?  Well, like any blog it’s really nothing more than my thoughts put out there, “screaming into the void” is the phrase that I really like.  It seems to make this all seem much more important and deep.

I’ll keep working on my procrastination and negativity to one day gain more inspiration and hopefully less perspiration to actually get my thoughts out there.


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