Eat Your Vegetables and Enjoy Your Science-Fiction

I’ve taken a lot of chances on new things in the last year or so.  Mostly due to Netflix and there Instant Watch Streaming service (arguably one of the greatest inventions in human history).  I’ve taken chances with Stargate, Doctor Who, Psych, 30 Rock and numerous other TV shows and movies.

However, I have noticed one thing with this ability to watch countless programs easily, and just about hassle free.  I’m still blinded by my supposed hatred of certain things.  I’m left puzzled by how I can refuse to watch things that are recommended to me by very reliable sources.

Let’s take Firefly for example.  I’m no fan of Joss Whedon, but I must admit I have only had the smallest of samples of his work.  But, it seems that the topic of Firefly has come up many times recently.  Enough times that one could argue it’s almost a conscious sign that I NEED to watch it.  With the amount of times that it has come up, it’s gotten me thinking about how much energy and effort goes into avoiding these things that we presume to hate, though have never even given a fair chance.

In the past I’ve made small attempts to watch Firefly, of course I started with the theatrical movie Serenity.  It could be argued that this was my mistake right there, starting with the finale.

With the amount of times it seems that Firefly has come up recently it almost seems that the silliness of my abject hatred of something I’ve never even tried is being called.  The universe has called my bluff.  It’s like when you are a kid and your parents tried to get you to eat your dinner saying things like “But, you like meatloaf, you’ll like it.  It’s good”

So, do I finally sit down close my eyes and eat my vegetables? or do I continue to sit there like a child, pout, throw my temper tantrum, burn calories on the fact that somewhere along the line I ate a poorly cooked brussel sprout?


One thought on “Eat Your Vegetables and Enjoy Your Science-Fiction

  1. Dude, eat your veggies.

    And watch Firefly. It’s… SHINY.

    It’s on the Science Channel, these days – or rock some Netflix, that works too.

    (How can you not like Joss Whedon?!?)

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