Reading is Fundamental

I’ve been meaning to post up for a while about my reading.  I always have to have a book with me, or be reading something.  I got an Ereader for Christmas and that has been a lot of fun, but I do still love my books.

I took a chance a few weeks ago and picked up “Pride & Prejudice & Zombies”.  I’m not sure how I feel about it though.  On the one hand, the zombie subplot and additions are a lot of fun.  Very over the top and enjoyable when placed against the Victorian (or is it Elizabethan?) story about romantic entanglements.  However, it’s that second half of the story that makes it very hard for me to get through the book.  It’s further proof that I really have no urge to ever read any Jane Austen book… ever.

Maybe it’s just me, sometimes if I’m not in the right mood for things it will be nearly impossible for me to get into it or enjoy it.

One thing I have really been enjoying is Google Books and the works that have entered public domain.  I’ve read Shakespeare for the first time since school.  Hamlet was much more fun to read when I didn’t have to write a paper about it or do any of that other nonsense they make you do in school.

Right now, I’m reading the Sherlock Holmes collection.  Inspired by the recent movie with Robert Downey Jr. (which was awesome btw) and finding that the character was very different than I thought he was from the stuffy uptight British Peter Cushing/Basil Rathbone that people always seem to view him as.

Seems I hear a lot about how people aren’t reading anymore, but with the rise of Ereaders, tablet pcs, ipads, Harry Potter, Twilight, etc.  There are still lots of people reading, all you have to do is find that which you love and lose yourself in the book.