Summer Movies and Box Office Records

Summer time is nearly upon us, and we all know what that means…  Summer Movies!  Which means big ‘splosions, CGI, sequels, and Box Office records.

I’m starting to wonder, are the Box Office Records even still meaningful?

Firstly, nothing is accounting for inflation.  Obviously, movie tickets cost more than they did 3 years ago, 10 years ago, 25 years ago and so on.  Also, there is the utterly meaningless way that people try to justify a movie’s success.  Read up on any Box Office report and your bound to see things like “biggest non-holiday weekend opening for a non-sequel/prequel or remake.”

What does that nonsense even mean?  It’s all meaningless, but so many people put such faith in that opening weekend as to whether or not a movie is a success or utter failure and it’s often the leading “story” on many entertainment websites and shows.

Even record shattering things like Titanic and Avatar are really meaningless.  Obviously, Titanic played thru the winter with little to no competition for 6 months, and Avatar had a lot of 3D screenings which are WAY more expensive than your standard ticket prices.

Where does that leave us?  Really in exactly the same place that we were before you read this, but I’m glad you read this anyways 🙂  This is just something that I’ve wanted to share, and now I have, so I feel better.

Just think about the records, what they are really saying and what they really mean when you see the “journalists” blabbering on about what records Iron Man 2 breaks when it opens in a week or so.