Angels & Demons & Troopers.. oh my!

Here we are again.  I’m sitting here frozen to the core.  We have had some really harsh cold weather the last few days, and it feels like only now am I finally warming up.

Saturday morning was a last minute trooping in downtown Roanoke for the Jingle Bell Run This was a fun event, but absolutely frickin’ freezing!  The temperature was in the 20s  when we started and warmed up slightly.  It was a 5k run or a 1 mile walk, of course I’m not crazy enough to run in a 5k in stormtrooper armor, so we walked and had lots of people smiling and glad to see us.

We watched Angels & Demons the other day.  Interesting movie, better than the DaVinci Code.  It wasn’t nearly as controversial as I thought.  As it always is, it seems.  People make a big ole fuss about something when in reality it’s really not that controversial.  Of course, if they ever bothered to sit down and watch it they would know that, but then they wouldn’t be half-cocked crazy radicals.

I expected a bit more of an indictment on catholicism and organized religion, instead it was really just complaints about the dogma and rituals associated, not really anything against the church itself.  Really, the only negative aspects is the implication that the Vatican is full of incomptents and douchebags.

The plot is fairly simple, hostages are taken, solve the clues before 1 is killed every hour.  Don’t solve the clues and all of the Vatican goes kablooie thanks to Star Trek-psuedo reality science.  Decent thriller plot, but God help me if I’m ever taken captive by a madman in Vatican City.  Barney Fife was a better, faster moving cop than these people.  It was like a cop cliche conveyor belt.  Add in a big twist that comes in at the 2 hour mark that I’m not 100% certain was necessary.  All in all, it’s an above average thriller, a solid B-  Worth a rental.

Happy Holidays!


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