Star Trek, Vampires and Blood letting

Well it’s been a while since I last updated here.  I’m trying to keep it updated, but that lousy real life is always getting in the way.

I had the flu about 3 weeks ago.  That was all kinds of no-fun.  Nasty fever, hacking cough, nose running like a civ, ugh.  At least it wasn’t the swine flu which adds in a few extra fun symptoms.  I’m mostly better now, occasionally coughing, but feeling much better.

Another fun event was a spur of the moment decision on Thursday to give blood.  I’ve never given blood before.  Heck, I don’t even know what my blood type is.  So, I figured this was something I had to do eventually.  They were taking donations at work, so I thought “what the heck? there’s no time like the present”  went in there, signed up and gave.  Interesting experience, not as painful or unpleasant as I was fearing.  I did get a bit queasy towards the end though.  Apparently I turned a bit pale because at one point I had 3 people around me offering to help.  A few minutes of lying down, some juice and I was all better.  All in all, a good experience, and I’m glad I was able to help out and make a difference.  If you’ve never done it, I recommend you go out and do it at least once.  Try it out, you’ll never know.  It’s important that we all go out and try to make a difference.

Speaking of blood, Jenn and I went to go see New Moon last night (hows that for a segue?)  All in all, it’s a good movie.  A significant step up for the series from the first one.  A lot of people like to say that with a good sequel, it makes the first one a better movie.  Honestly, I think New Moon might actually make the first movie worse, because of the improvements they’ve made.

A new director has taken over for this installment in the film, and it shows.  The direction, pacing, cinematography, effects, pretty much every area has improved.  Now, this isn’t all just because of the influx of new blood (pardon the bad pun).  The filmmakers this time, learned a lot from the mistakes, experiments, successes and failures of the first one.  George Lucas once said in describing the Star wars prequels that the first one was “going from 0 to 80, the second one is going from 80 to 100”  That’s a good way to describe the 2 Twilight movie.

New Moon is essentially a critic proof movie.  If you’re a fan, you’ll love it.  If you’re not a fan, this will most likely not turn you.  However, this is one of the better book to film adaptations I’ve seen in the last few years.  I still draw a lot of comparisions to the Harry Potter saga.  How those compare book to film, is pretty similar to how these compare.

First impressions of the movie, I’d give it a B+.  A strong effort, good adaptation, fixing most of the flaws of the first one.

In other obsessive-compulsive fandom areas, Star Trek came out on DVD.  This movie was just a success in so many ways.  Fans of the series have so much to love, non-fans have so much to bring them into the series, seeing it’s strong points and why it has lasted for 45 years.  A great DVD, a must buy.

That’s about it for now.  Twilight, Star Trek, blood and viruses.  Pretty much sums up the last few weeks for me.


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