Movie Review – The Proposal

Been a while since I last posted something.  Real life kind of took over and I got wrapped in stupid drama, trooping events, Halloween, all kinds of stuff.  Anyways, I’m back now and I wanted to try out something new on here.


I’ve always fancied myself a critic, and I’ve thought about trying to pursue that as a proper career.  Basically, as I watch movies, TV or anything else that strikes my fancy, I will post my review of the product here, for all to enjoy.


So, last night Jenn and I watched the movie “The Proposal” with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.  I’ve always been a sucker for Romantic Comedies.  Good ones at least, there is a lot of crud out there.  This movie was formulaic, mostly predictable, but was fun to watch.


The basic plot of the movie is that Sandra Bullock is your typical cold-as-ice, uncaring-unfeeling-dragon-lady who mercilessly berates her employees and has everyone living in fear.  Very much, been there, done that in countless other movies like “The Devil Wears Prada.”  However, Sandra Bullock is still fun to watch, and she’s been off in crap movie land for a while, it is nice to see her return to her classic form here.  Ryan Reynolds plays her assistant who wants to get into publishing in order to get his own book published.  He’s long suffering, working her long hours, and doing her bidding.


Problems arise when it turns out that Sandra Bullock is an illegal Canadian about to be deported due to her inability to stand still long enough to fill out the INS paperwork.  At the last minute she says that Ryan Reynolds is her fiance, promises him a promotion, and all that he has desired in life, if he agrees to marry her for citizenship.  Typical Rom-Com problems arise that involve the two of them going to his home in Alaska, and they pretend to be a couple.


The plot is not earth-shattering, deep or insightful really.  But, it’s not your typical paint by numbers story either.  It avoids the over the top silliness of movies like “Meet the Parents.”  Most of the time, you will know the direction the story is going, but there are some enjoyable detours where we get behind the Ice Queen facade and see some of why she is the way she is.


The ending isn’t entirely telegraphed either, but it’s a sappy good time with a few good laughs.  We know the destination ahead of time, but the fun is the path to getting there.


On the whole, the movie is enjoyable.  A romantic comedy that doesn’t break the mold, but does stray pleasantly off the path enough to keep things feeling fresh.  All in all, I give the movie a B.  Definitely worth a rent.


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