In a rut!

It’s really bad when you know that you are in a rut, you acknowledge that you are in a rut, but yet you do nothing to get yourself out of it.

That’s my problem in a nutshell right now.  I’m in a rut, and I guess it’s part of the reason why I signed up on here, to take a chance and try to break myself out of this rut.  Everyday I seem to have this incessant need to just fill up every moment with noise.  It’s like I’m afraid that I might sit down and actually be creative for a moment.  And, of course, if I’m creative and make something I’ll have to share it, and it’s like George McFly said “What if they don’t like it? I just don’t think I could take that kind of rejection!”

Issues.. I’ve got a few.

So, I guess this becomes my grand experiment.  To do something different, to break out of the rut, to explore creativity, and actually *gasp* share it with the world!  Here goes nothing.


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