The Anniversary

As I said before, I’m not really sure where to go with this blog, so I hope no one minds the randomness of it all.

Friday was my anniversary.  It’s been 5 great years with my wife.  I’ll save the gushy hearts and flowers stuff for another time.  We celebrated by spending an afternoon in Downtown.  We went to the Taubman Art Museum.  It’s a very nice museum with a good mixture of abstract, modern and classic art pieces.  We wandered around Downtown, just enjoying the day and each other’s company.  It’s something we really don’t get to do very often and it just felt very nice, no preset plan, no schedules to keep, just following our hearts around town.

After that, we went to Barnes & Noble.  I’m an avid reader, I always have to have a book.  As I am finishing one book, I’m already thinking about which one I want to read next.  Well B&N kinda sucked because they didn’t have anything I wanted, and those that did look interesting were way too expensive.

That, followed by dinner at Applebees was our anniversary celebration.  I know, when does the party ever STOP!  It’s really not that important to me what we were doing.  We don’t need some super fancy dinner and gifts, we just need to spend a day together, enjoying each other’s company.  McDonalds can be a 5-star feast if you are in the right company.  It’s these little joys in life that make everything worthwhile.


2 thoughts on “The Anniversary

  1. ^_^ Happy belated Anniversary to you both ^_^

    Blogs are awesome because of the randomness of it all. I just post whatever comes to mind and ramble on sometimes.

    *hugs to you both*

  2. Sounds like you have an awesome relationship.

    I am a voracious reader myself. I am usually reading at least three books at one time. I keep one going in the car. I keep another going at home. And listen to audio books while driving.

    I don’t know if you have seen the new Amazon Kindle, but it is the greatest gift I have ever received. It is an electronic book where you can download your books right to it any where you are. No need for a computer, it has its own wireless.

    I write a blog about marriage and how men can better love their wives. I hope you will check it out when you have a chance.


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